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Chamber Orchestra (Advance Students)

Advanced students will meet daily in the morning and afternoon with Maestro Lim rehearsing selected repertoire and performing them at the concert at the end of the camp. Students will receive insights into ensemble playing within a larger setting and to learn orchestral playing techniques; blending of sound and tone to precision of rhythm and articulation.  Orchestra will meet from 9am - 11am and from 3pm - 4pm daily.


Symphony Orchestra (Intermediate Students)

A Mixture of High School and Middle school orchestra students this orchestra  will meet from 9am - 11am and from 3pm - 4pm daily.on a daily basis to learn fun repertoire. 

Sinfonietta (Beginner and Progressive Students)


ELECTIVE 1 (11:00 - 12:00)

Rock and Jazz Orchestra (Open to all students)
Info coming soon.

Chamber Music (Advanced and Intermediate Students Only)  A video audition is required for this program for proper placement. Please send a solo recording on about 5 minutes in length. Deadline is July 2019 Please send videos to 

This elective is designed for high school and advanced students who loves playing in quartets, quintets and trios at a high level. Groups will be assigned at the beginning of the  week and coaches will spend an hour daily with groups towards a performance at the end of the week. 

The Blend (Open to All Students and Mixed Instruments)

A large ensemble of mixed instruments that meets daily with Mr. Jerry Rizzi to blend various styles, from classical, pop, folk and many more. A fun class for students of all levels. Students are encouraged to bring their second instruments, such as guitars to participate.




ELECTIVE 2 (1:00-2:00)

Fundamentals Music Theory

Beginning Theory is designed to develop a solid foundation in tonal and rhythmic theory with a hands on approach. Each class will begin with a series of rhythmic warm ups guaranteed to strengthen your feel of musical time. We will introduce the concepts of chords and scales and see how they are used to develop the flow of harmony. No prior knowledge of theory is required for this class, but basic facility on an instrument is required to play along with the lesson.

World Music / Celtic Fiddle (Intermediate and Advanced Students)

This class offers students a unique experience learning to play celtic music from Ireland, Scotland and Canada. This class if taught by an accomplished fiddler - Mr. Keyreel Raskolenko.  

Conducting (Advance Students only)

A fun class with Maestro Jason Lim, students will learn basic beat patterns, score reading. students will play in the ensemble giving the student an opportunity to conduct a live ensemble. The Faculty will also play in the ensemble for the conducting students to perform for an audience.

       Music History (Open to all students)

A great class for students who love history. This is a comprehensive course on listening about important composers and their musical examples from all the periods from Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century. 


ELECTIVE 3 (2:00-3:00)

Advanced Music Theory

Advanced Theory will comprehensively review and strengthen the concepts of tonal and rhythmic theory in a pre collegiate fashion. Each class will begin with a series of rhythmic warm ups guaranteed to strengthen musical time feel with an emphasis on syncopation. Students should already have a basic understanding of music theory and be prepared for a fun challenge. Instrument proficiency is required as each class will involve a considerable amount of playing.

All State/ All Region Etude Workshop (High School Advanced Students)

This workshop is ideal for students with aspirations in performing a successful audition for their Region Orchestra workshop in 2017-2018. Faculty will help students craft out a strategy on practicing methods while helping students work on fingerings and bowings. 

Violin/ Viola/ Cello/ Bass Choir (All Students)

Students will meet with their instrument instructors to explore techniques to enhance and improve their skills from bowing strokes, intonation, dexterity, practicing methods and much more. 




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July 15 - 21 2019

Summer Music Intensives

This project in funded in part by the city of McKinney through the McKinney Arts Commission.