Classical- Fiddle- Celtic- Folk- Orchestra - Chamber music - Improv - Conducting - All State Workshop

Scott Conway
The camp exposed me to things I had never thought about, like improvisation.  I play the cello, and I had never thought about improvising on a cello.  But this class showed me how to take a simple theme and play around with it.  I made music from scratch, without notes or paper or anything.  That’s really cool!  We also were a part of chamber music ensembles.  I’ve never played in a string quartet before and this experience absolutely blew my mind, it was so exciting.  



Sara Lipscomb
I was thrown into learning a bunch of difficult pieces of music, and by the end of the week I realized that it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had with a music camp.  I loved playing in the chamber ensemble.  The Improvisation Class taught us music theory, and the basis of what we do.



About the McKinney Summer Music Intensives


McKinney Summer Music Intensives is a week long day camp for middle and high school music students. This unique camp offers instruction in diverse styles ranging from classical to jazz, folk, bluegrass and crafted for students to learn through performing in daily classes and coaching in large as well as small ensembles. Tailored for every level and instrument, this camp is joined by world class faculty from around the world and are pleased to have the principal players of the Award Winning Odysseus Chamber Orchestra. The Summer Music Intensives will be held at the First United Methodist Youth Center in downtown McKinney. 


"We are teaching the kids options and choices that a professional makes, which is something they can learn only in a small group session like this".

July 15-21

Sponsored by the Arts and Music Guild and the Odysseus North Texas Chamber Orchestra

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July 15 - 21 2019

Summer Music Intensives

This project in funded in part by the city of McKinney through the McKinney Arts Commission.